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… kasutaja SuperBanana isikus ameeriklastele järgmist:

“If the BSA ever shows up at your door, unless they have a court order, tell them to get lost. If they refuse, slam the door in their face and call the police. Write down every license plate number you can see.

For extra giggles, when you call the police, complain that the people who won’t leave are dressed like police officers (the BSA guys wear those black nylon rain jackets with big yellow letters to try and look like government agents), and if they’re armed, make sure to mention that too. Cops don’t take kindly to people pretending to be them.”

Teab keegi lähemalt rääkida, kuidas Billi Sulide Armee reididega Eestis täpsemalt lood on? Ise pole ühtegi juhtunud pealt nägema, äkki keegi jagab muljeid?